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The Project

Going on vacation and doing good at the same time

Naha Tribe is an innovative project that brings schools, factories, medical centers and holiday resorts with their own social ecosystem to poorer countries - offering the opportunity to go on holiday and do good at the same time. It is a model that makes travel more meaningful and generates valuable added value for everyone involved, whether traveller or resort host. 



Maybe: Part of the journey is


Anna Fuchs


Anna Fuchs is a certified psychologist, communication trainer, coach, trainer at the Schulz von Thun Institute for communication, former board member of SIETAR-España (Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research) and lecturer at the Institute for Communication and Leadership, Lucerne as well as at the Kaleidos FH, Zürich.

Main areas of work: Communication, inter- and transcultural communication and leadership. 

Originally from Hamburg, she has been living in Barcelona for many years and works in german, english and spanish. Her book: "Transkulturelle Herausforderungen meistern, Missverständnisse klären und Kompetenzen stärken", will be published in February 2022. It is part of the series "Miteinander reden: Praxis" by Prof. Schulz from Thun, published by Rowolt.