How the resorts work

Each Naha Tribe resort is financed by the income of its guests, which in turn benefits the local people. These funds are used to maintain the school, factory and accommodation. This not only enables meaningful holidays, but above all, a better life for the local people. In this sense: a win-win situation for guests and hosts.


All Naha Tribe holiday resorts consist of four central elements: schools, factories, accommodations and medical center. Each element fulfills a function in the social ecosystem. In cooperation with local architects and builders, we plan and build purposeful and sustainable with all local materials. Appropriate and well thought-out construction projects are planned individually. Country-specific needs, such as earthquake safety etc., are taken into account. More about the individual elements and how they work can be found in the following sections.

The School

In mixed classes, local children are given access to an education. At the same time, local teachers receive jobs at an average higher salary. In addition, guests of the resorts are also allowed to teach as volunteers. Travelling children are also welcome as students at any time. 

the factory

While the children are at school, their parents are given the opportunity to complete a simple training in the factories. Depending on the country and culture, different products are made there, which are in turn, sold in Switzerland - financial income that benefits the respective holiday resort. The first interested parties and potential partners are already in place. 


Each accommodation is geared towards families. They are located in the middle of the resort and are fully integrated into the lives of the local families - the perfect way to broaden your horizons. 

Medical Center

Nothing works without health. That is why a medical center is available to everyone in the holiday resort. This offers additional added value for the entire region. Because they are often areas that would otherwise have no medical infrastructure.